Kamala Harris CALLED OUT For Insulting Veterans

It looks like Kamala Harris may have spent a bit too much time with Joe Biden already. Why do I say that? Because she had a major screw up as Vice President a few days ago, and, to paraphrase Ricky Ricardo: “Kamala, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

Members of the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal government have a long history of honoring the military, particularly around Memorial Day when Americans remember members of the military who died while protecting their country. Even leftist Presidents tended to put on a show and, at least, pretended to care about our fallen veterans.

But it would seem that even that courtesy is too much for she-who-would-be-queen in Washington, D.C. Roger Kimball writes,

“Enjoy the long weekend.”

Thus spake Kamala Harris, vice president of the United States, on the run-up to Memorial Day 2021.

As many commentators pointed out, you wouldn’t know that she had Memorial Day in mind, because her tweet didn’t mention the name of the holiday. For her, it was just another long weekend, another opportunity for the sheep to graze unherded for an extra day while waiting to be shorn.

Doubtless, she is kicking herself, or at any rate, the aide who suggested she issue the tweet—not, of course, because of the omission but because of the minor PR blowback it occasioned.

The sheep may be docile but they are also touchy and unpredictable.

Probably no one Harris consorts with ever gives Memorial Day a second thought.

Why should they? It’s a holiday that commemorates something they despise—many things, in fact: the spirit of personal sacrifice and duty, on the one hand, and the country for which those exertions were expended, on the other.

I am confident that this slight disturbance in The Narrative will be quickly digested, papered over, and forgotten by the compliant media machine that surrounds and protects our nomenklatura.


Is Harris so completely incompetent that she can’t even get it straight to show respect for the U.S. military?

Then, again, maybe my question is rhetorical considering the nonsensical changes that Biden and Harris are already implementing in the current military.

Heaven help us.

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