Biker Shows Up On 97 Year Old WWII Vet’s Doorstep – Then THIS Happened

Memorial Day is, for many (most) military veterans a solemn day, a day of sadness and remembering fallen friends from their days in the service.

Sadly, many military veterans don’t get much respect and support when they come home from fighting overseas. But the Garry Owen Motorcycle Club in Maine wants to change that, and a 97-year old WWII veteran got a huge surprise that will warm your heart. The EMG Inspired Staff wrote,

A World War II veteran who turned 97 years old earlier this month received a welcome gift from a local biker club in Maine.

When the Garry Owen Motorcycle Club learned that the town had foreclosed on Army veteran Joey Comeau’s home in Ellsworth, they knew they had to step in.

The biker club quickly mobilized to raise funds for Comeau, who turned 97 on May 13.

They set up a barbecue and held signs on Bangor Road, encouraging motorists to contribute toward paying some of the veteran’s taxes and saving his home.

“We’ll stop traffic, we’ll put boots out there, but we got to get this guy’s taxes paid so he could do what he wants to do in the last part of his life,” said Warren Ard, president of Garry Owen, to ABC.

Within just one hour, they’d raised over $600.

Then, Comeau was thrilled when the bikers all came up on his deck to sing him “Happy Birthday” and hand him the donations. Tears ran down his face, moved that someone would do such a thing for him.

A crowdfunding website had raised another $4,400 for a total of $5,000 towards the $13,100 that Comeau owes to pay off the debt, and it looks like other people may be stepping forward to help, too.

It’s easy to look at our world today, with all the craziness and nonsense that is happening, and think that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but, remember, there are still good people out there working to make the world a better place. Good for the Garry Owen Motorcycle Club for helping out this elderly veteran.

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