2 Disturbing Videos on Race Relations the MSM is Ignoring
video screenshot

Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be a peaceful, solemn time for remembering the sacrifices of U.S. military veterans.

But while many Americans were hanging out at the pool or enjoying a cookout with family and friends, they couldn’t help but notice a couple of strange videos getting attention on Twitter.

Both videos hold disturbing content on the state of the nation right now.

In each video, you see a group of African Americans dressed in black. The videos do not explicitly identify who this group is, but some think the group is either Black Panther or some other group tied to the Black Panthers.

What is being said in the videos is the most disturbing thing about the videos.

Here are the two videos together in one Twitter thread:

Much of what is being said in the second video is technically racism.

Why are they getting a free pass?

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