You Won’t Believe Biden’s DHS Head’s INFURIATING Statement About Immigration

Despite Kamala Harris’s constant attempts to ignore it (what does she do with her time, anyway?), the immigration crisis at the southern border of the U.S. is just that: a crisis. People, including unaccompanied children, are flooding across the border, endangering the lives of so many people who risk dangerous situations to get to the U.S. And that’s not to mention the criminals sneaking across the border to come into the U.S., often for a repeated visit to terrorize people in the U.S.

You’d think that the the Department of Homeland Security would be trying to step up efforts to to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) get more illegal immigrants off the streets to prevent overstraining the social safety nets in America more than they already have. Oh, yeah, and to also get violent criminals who illegally enter the U.S. off of the streets.

But can you guess how many people that ICE agents arrest to try to keep Americans safe? Zachary Stieber gives us that ridiculous information:

According to [The Washington] Post, ICE’s 6,000 officers are averaging one arrest every two months.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the trustworthiness of that absurdly low number, The Washington Post is a left-leaning newspaper. If those arrest numbers are low, you can pretty much bet that the actual numbers of arrests are lower than that.

So, what does Biden’s head of the DHS say that he’s going to do to try to fix this border crisis? Stieber continues:

The head of the Department of Homeland Secretary (DHS) is planning to make major adjustments to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency’s arm in charge of immigration enforcement.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS chief, said he’s in the midst of a review of ICE and expects to make “significant changes” when he’s done.

“What those changes will be, I am wrestling with right now, quite frankly,” Mayorkas told The Washington Post.

And, again, from Stieber:

“I really am focused on it becoming a premier national security and law enforcement agency,” [Mayorkas] told the Post. “I really want to elevate all of the other work [ICE] does and also ensure that its civil immigration work is well-focused in the service of the national security and public safety mission.”

If that really is Mayorkas’s intention, I can’t say that I’m impressed by how that’s coming along at this point. Sadly, because he’s a Biden appointee, I doubt that I will ever be impressed with it.

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