Just In: BLM Founder Resigns

Black Lives Matter. If that phrase were just used as a statement of fact, I think that we could all agree that they do (or, at least, that they should). But the Black Lives Matter organization, as you likely know, is not about saving black lives or really helping African-Americans in America. If they were, then they would grieve and protest over murdered black victims of gang violence or murdered black police officers.

It’s a big P.R. scam. It’s propaganda, and it’s not honest.

Now, one of the founders of the BLM organization, Patrisse Cullors, has announced that she is stepping down as the head of the organization. Ryan Saavedra writes,

Marxist Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors announced on Thursday that she is stepping down from the organization, which comes as she and the organization have faced widespread criticism over violent riots that broke out across the U.S. last year, the group’s extreme ideas, and controversy over Cullors’ lavish lifestyle.

Cullors claimed that criticism from detractors did not factor into her decision to resign, adding, “Those were right-wing attacks that tried to discredit my character, and I don’t operate off of what the right thinks about me.”

Saavedra continues:

The [New York] Post noted that Hawk Newsome, the head of Black Lives Matter Greater New York City, which is not affiliated with Khan-Cullors’ Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, responded to the story by calling for “an independent investigation” into the organization.

“If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes,” he said. “It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement.”

Newsome has a point. Can there really be any question that heading up BLM has been a giant cash cow for Cullors? Why shouldn’t she step down now? She’s already made her money. It sounds like she is thinking that it’s time to enjoy her payoff.

You know, just like the capitalists that she criticizes.

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