America Getting Close to THIS

Depending on what part of the country you live in – your community may get to exhale soon.

Herd immunity has always been the goal. And that milestone is getting closer as the population either gets vaccinated or has a natural immunity from infection.

Matthew Ferrari, a biology professor and director of Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics at Penn State University, said the process of herd immunity began when the first person in the U.S. was infected with the coronavirus and survived. Each person who is infected and survives reduces the risk of other people catching the virus by a tiny amount.

“The question most people are now asking is, ‘Have we achieved a herd immunity threshold?’” Ferrari said. “The threshold is a sufficient level of immunity in a population such that outbreaks are unlikely to start. We’re in an outbreak right now, so it is a little absurd to be talking about it.”

Most experts say 80% of the population must be immune to achieve herd immunity, which makes the U.S., with only 40% of the population fully vaccinated, still a long way off.

Yet, certain areas may be getting close.

Washington Examiner

“I would say that there are absolutely communities in the country that have reached that level through either vaccination, natural infection, or both,” Ferrari said.

washington examiner


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