FOX News’ ‘The Five’ Down to Four as Rumors Swirl
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One of the Fox News Networks’ most popular shows is The Five.

Consisting of five talking heads like Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino and Jesse Waters, The Five lost it’s token liberal on Wednesday, as Juan Williams made a surprise announcement at the end of the show.

“This is my last day hosting The Five. Covid taught me a lot of lessons. As the show goes back to New York studio, I’ll be staying in DC. I’ll be working for FOX out of Washington. My work as a FOX News political analyst will continue.” – Juan Williams

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According to inside sources familiar with the situation, Greg Gutfeld was pushing for The FIVE to return to the studio, and Juan Williams wanted to keep doing the show remotely. As the decision was made to return the show to the New York studio, Williams said he will remain in his DC basement to do remote appearances on FOX.

The different views on where to conduct the show was not the only contention between Williams and Gutfeld.

While Williams’ presence on The Five as the lone liberal pundit had always lent itself to fiery on-air debates and clashes, the tension seemed to ramp up in recent months, especially after the show went back to filming remotely after Williams’ December covid diagnosis. And generally, the tension was highest with co-host Greg Gutfeld.

Besides having near-daily shoutfests with Williams during Five broadcasts, Gutfeld was also outspoken both behind the scenes and on the air about his desire that the program fully return to the studio.

One network insider told The Daily Beast that Gutfeld had been pushing Albano for a while to get Williams removed from The Five, adding that Gutfeld was “really pissed they’re not all back in the studio together and he blames Juan for not being back.”

A former Fox News producer further elaborated, stating they were “very confident” that Gutfeld was behind Williams’ exit. A current staffer also added: “[Gutfeld’s] been wanting the show back in the studio for quite some time.”

Furthermore, Gutfeld and Williams rarely ever spoke with one another off-set, going to great lengths to avoid interacting with each other, something both former and current Fox employees could attest to.

“I heard that their on-air brawls are turning personal,” another ex-Fox News producer said. A current employee further noted that when “you have multiple narcissists on a show, this is the type of shit that goes on.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that much,” a recently departed Fox News staffer said of Williams’ exit. “Gutfeld has been a rising star at Fox for some time and Juan has been known to get in some pretty heated debates. So with those two egos going at each other regularly, I could see it happening.”

The Daily Beast

Who will be William’s replacement is not known at this time. There is talk of the networking running a series of guest liberal commentators until they find a permanent replacement.

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