This Is Bad: Liberal Mayor STRIKES BACK At These Citizens

Liberal mayors in several cities are becoming more and more audacious. They say ridiculous things and propose foolish changes to police, and because they have the leftist mainstream media behind them, very little of this gets reported to the people in their cities. The result is that the people in those cities suffer even more under increasingly worse liberal policies.

If you thought that the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, was the worst of all of these people (after all, he openly supported the communist Sandanistas), that would be understandable. But you’d be wrong. The crown for most insanely power-hungry while also doing stupid things now goes to Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Aside from insane lockdowns in her city and aside from now giving one-on-one interviews to only “black or brown” reporters (I’m not kidding. See here and here for more on that.), Lightfoot has managed to be so incompetent, that she has received a vote of no confidence from her very own police (see here for more on that). Now, instead of owning up and working to fix her flaws as mayor, she is striking back at those police. Cara Ding writes,

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday unveiled her version of a civilian police oversight plan that allows her to retain the key powers of picking the police chief, negotiating contracts with police unions, and deciding on police policy disputes.

Ding continues:

“Public safety is one of the most critical responsibilities of any mayor, me and anybody who comes after me,” Lightfoot said at a Monday press conference about why she must pick the police chief. “Because the buck stops with me, I will ultimately, as a mayor and as any other subsequent mayor, be making that decision.”

Translation: Lightfoot wants to have dictatorial power in Chicago and wants to be able to make sure that whoever she picks as police chief will be a lap dog for her over any responsibility to protect the people of Chicago.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Lightfoot needs to go, and the people of Chicago need to elect someone who actually cares about making Chicago a place worth living.

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