Here’s Why Fauci “Will Be Gone in 90 Days”
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Author and Economist Dr. Peter Navarro had this to say about the growing evidence of not only the origins of the coronavirus but also the ties Tony Fauci has to the Wuhan Lab:

“Tony Fauci is the father of the virus. It came from that lab. Tony Fauci funded that lab, along with third parties like Peter Dasik and Ralph Barrick. They worked with the “bat lady” on those experiments, we know that.

And Tony Fauci greased the skids for gain of function experimentation which weaponized this virus.

We know all that. But here’s the thing – I want to put this on the record: Fauci is going to be gone within 90 days…”

Dr. Peter Navarro

Listen to the entire clip from Navarro:

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