Guess What Joe Biden Just Did To Americans?

If the situation with Joe Biden in the White House weren’t actually happening, I would say that it’s all satire to mock how foolish leftist politics are.

But it is happening.

And Joe is not only endangering Americans and crushing the U.S. economy, he’s doubling down on his efforts to turn America from a first world nation into a third world nation. In fact, he’s even trying to justify giving American jobs to the Russians (you know, the exact folks that the Democrats tried to tie Trump to in order to impeach him?). Ivan Pentchoukov writes,

President Joe Biden on Tuesday defended his administration’s decision to lift sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which would carry natural gas from Russia to Germany and Europe.

The president said that although he opposed the project from the beginning, the pipeline is now nearly finished.

“To go ahead and impose sanctions now would, I think, be counterproductive in terms of our European relations. They know how strongly I feel,” Biden told reporters outside the White House.

In late 2019, Congress and the Trump administration sanctioned a number of entities tied to the construction of the $10.5 billion pipeline. The sanctions were part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which stated the goal was to “minimize the ability” of Russia to use Nord Stream 2 “as a tool of coercion and political leverage” and to stop Russia from shifting energy exports from Ukraine to other countries. Russia vowed to continue the project at the time.

So, to put this in context: Biden and company shut down the Keystone Pipeline which gave jobs to Americans, and, now, they’ve decided to give their blessing to the Russians and their pipeline.

What’s Biden trying to do, get American workers to go to work in Russia so that they can pay their bills? Biden’s policies sure aren’t helping Americans make ends meet here in the States.

We can have a discussion about Biden’s terrible foreign policy (and it is really bad), but maybe the bigger story here is that Biden seems perfectly fine with Russia prospering as an energy producer in the world while he kills off American jobs at the same time.

Biden’s not a President. He’s a joke.

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