This Governor Just OBLITERATED Leftists’ Plans For His State

One of the things that has become abundantly clear over the last year and a half is that leftists are trying to force a change in America, whether most of America wants that change or not.

One of the primary ways that leftists, and their partner organizations like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, are doing this is to push to defund the police with the narrative that law enforcement in America is inherently violent towards minorities. Never mind what the statistics actually show.

Why do leftists want to defund the police? Because it’s easier to riot and to intimidate everyday Americans with the threat of violence if there are no police to prevent these evils. That’s the real reason that leftists want to defund police.

But one governor has taken a stand against municipalities’s attempts to defund police in his state. Jack Phillips writes,

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on May 23 that he would support legislation that would prevent cities from issuing directives or voting to reduce funding to police departments—coming in the wake of Black Lives Matter protesters’ calls to “defund the police” last year.

In a tweet, the Republican governor highlighted an incident in Austin where there were no police units available for 12 minutes following a shooting that left a victim critically wounded.

“This is what defunding the police looks like,” he wrote in reference to the incident. “Austin is incapable of timely responding to a victim shot in the head.”

The Austin City Council voted last summer to reallocate up to $150 million from its police department, coming at the same time as demonstrations and riots across the United States and Texas. The “defund the police” slogan became a common cry during the Black Lives Matter protests, leading some cities to reduce their police budgets.

However, “Texas won’t tolerate this,” Abbott said, adding that the state is “about to pass a law—that I will sign—that will prevent cities from defunding police. Sanity and safety will return.”

In April, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 1900, legislation that would prevent cities from defunding their police departments. The state Senate is still debating the bill.

Good for Abbott. Fortunately, for Texans, Abbott is pretty consistently showing himself to have the courage to do the right thing in defiance of attacks from leftists politicians, the mainstream media, and woke nutcases across the nation.

For the good of the American people, we can hope that Americans elect someone like Abbott to be their governors as soon as possible because we need more people to stand up against the monster of leftism in America.

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