Obama-Appointed Judge’s Order Has Biden’s DOJ PANICKED

Many things that happen in Washington, D.C. are exactly what you expect. You know, like judges appointed by Democrats will tend to rule in ways that are unconstitutional and that favor government power grabs by Democrats.

Some things, though, catch you completely by surprise, like when a judge appointed by President Obama rules against Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, which actually happened recently. Jerry Dunleavy gives us the details:

The Justice Department filed an appeal of a federal judge’s order to release the full Office of Legal Counsel memo supporting former Attorney General William Barr’s decision following the receipt of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report related to whether former President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice.

A brief filing by the Biden administration, arguing it would suffer “irreparable harm” without a stay, came just before the end of the deadline on Monday to release the nine-page memo in full, set by Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

However, the Justice Department did reveal all of page 1 and much of page 2, which is far more than an almost-entirely blacked-out version that was disclosed previously, showing the OLC recommended to Barr that “although the Special Counsel has declined to reach a conclusion [on obstruction], we think that the Department should reach a judgment on this matter.”

Still unknown to the public are any prosecutorial deliberations specifically focused on Trump’s conduct.

Maybe your first thought on reading this is that Jackson was simply ruling on the DOJ’s request to the court submitted while Trump was still in office. I wondered that, too. But read the quoted part above again. The second paragraph makes it clear that it’s the Biden administration that filed the request that Judge Jackson smacked down.

In a world in which Obama appointees give a blank check in court to Democrat politicians, you have to wonder what in the world is in that memo.

I don’t know the answer to that, but Jackson’s actions are a surprise, that’s for sure.

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