Here’s Why This Senator Won’t Take the COVID-19 Vaccine
Ian Furst, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

So much confusing information has been thrown out from government agencies and television talking heads about the coronavirus that common sense has taken a back seat, it seems.

For example, before 2020, when someone caught a virus and recovered, they were considered to be immune, and not in need of a vaccine at that point.

This longstanding medical practice has seemingly been twisted into a nonsensical mess.

Which is why it’s nice to hear from a doctor like Rand Paul, who still speaks common sense in these crazy times.

Sen. Rand Paul said he won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine because he has already had the coronavirus and believes he now has “natural immunity.”

Paul (R-Ky.), one of the first senators to test positive for the virus last March, told John Catsimatidis on his WABC 770 AM radio show that it’s a personal decision to opt-out of the vaccine.

An ophthalmologist, Paul said unless he sees evidence proving that the vaccine is more effective than having survived the virus, he won’t be getting the shot.

“Until they show me evidence that people who have already had the infection are dying in large numbers, or being hospitalized or getting very sick, I just made my own personal decision that I’m not getting vaccinated because I’ve already had the disease and I have natural immunity,” Paul said in the interview that aired Sunday.

New York Post

Senator Paul got on a roll during his interview that aired last Sunday. He went on to say:

“In a free country you would think people would honor the idea that each individual would get to make the medical decision, that it wouldn’t be a big brother coming to tell me what I have to do. Are they also going to tell me I can’t have a cheeseburger for lunch? Are they going to tell me that I have to eat carrots only and cut my calories? All that would probably be good for me, but I don’t think big brother ought to tell me to do it.” – Senator Rand Paul, Ophthalmologist

New York post

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