Good News: Former Trump Advisor Is TAKING ON This Suspicious Biden Program

One of the frustrating legacies of the Obama administration that is carrying over into the Biden administration is the politicization of parts of the government.

See, the government was set up to be by the people and for the people. This means that, regardless of who is in office, government employees are supposed to act in a way in which their personal political preferences do not affect what they do in their jobs.

As we’ve seen with both the IRS and FBI under Obama, and, now, the ATF, too, more and more leftist government employees are attempting to use their positions as government employees to push their leftist political beliefs.

But the situation gets worse. If you haven’t heard, new efforts under the Biden administration are seeking to remove people with conservative political beliefs from the U.S. military. Some people might say that the Biden administration is seeking to make the U.S. military an American version of Mao Zedong’s “army of the red flag” (communist revolutionary army).

If that’s the case (and a number of leftists seem to hope that it is), then recent efforts by a former Trump advisor are good news. Janita Kan writes,

America First Legal (AFL), a group led by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, requested records from the Pentagon as part of efforts to determine whether the department was monitoring and targeting certain service members based on their political ideology.

The group on Friday sent a Freedom of Information Act request asking the department to release records relating to “policies or plans to monitor or survey the social media accounts of uniformed service members, contractors, and/or civilian employees.” It also asks for information on any pilot programs, working groups, or steering committees developed or tasked to do the same.

In its letter, the group said that its request stems from concerns of “multiple and facially credible reports of ‘anti-conservative purges’ within DOD.” It cited the Space Force’s recent move to relieve Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier over allegations that he was “politically partisan” when he denounced the spread of Marxism in the military.

Kan continues:

The group alleges that the department may be “weaponizing” an instruction related to the handling of dissident and protest activities of service members to target political conservatives and Christian members of the military.

“It appears hyper-partisan civilians may be weaponizing this Instruction to facilitate deeply racist and offensive ‘Critical Race Theory’ principles, to undermine the military’s traditional apolitical role, and to support an ‘ideological cleansing’ of political conservatives and believing Christians from the military,” the group alleged in their letter.

Whatever your personal political positions, this investigation by Miller and AFL should be welcome news. Why? Because even if you disagree with Miller’s politics, remember that any power that you give to your government to oppress those who disagree with you, can (and likely will) be used against you when the next person gets into power.

The military, along with all government bureaucracies, needs to be completely apolitical. Otherwise, everyone’s liberties are in danger.

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