Activists’ Reaction To 60 Minutes Story REVEALS Their Secret Goals

Most Americans believe that the purpose of the news media should be to tell people the facts about what is going on. People want those facts so that they can take an informed and intelligent position on issues.

Too often in recent years, the mainstream media has completely fallen down on the job when it comes to this purpose as they’ve tended to push leftist political agendas and suppressed the truth.

But, occasionally, the mainstream media surprises us by actually digging into a story to find the truth. A recent story run on CBS’s 60 Minutes digs into the flip side of a popular leftist cause: transitioning from one “gender” to another. The reaction of trans activists to this 60 Minutes story tells you everything that you need to know about the real goals that these activists are after. Hint: it’s not to help people struggling with gender dysphoria. Blaire White writes,

Trans activists online are outraged at a recent 60 Minutes segment that dove into the world of “detransitioners”,  people who decide after transitioning that they’ve made a grave mistake and attempt to reverse what they’ve done to their bodies. In the episode, Leslie Stahl interviewed a woman by the name of Grace Lidinsky-Smith who underwent hormone replacement therapy and surgery including removal of her breasts. Her attempt to transition to a man was fueled, in her own words, partly by her desire to live an “easier” life.

While the episode is being praised by many as an important piece of journalism tapping into a real phenomenon happening within the world of trans discourse, activists online have different feelings.

I’ll say that trans activists have different feelings about this. They criticized 60 Minutes with the implication that the story could cause someone to not transition.

To which I would say, “Good!” As White, who identifies as a trans woman, later states in the piece, transitioning “can lead to permanent and irreversible bodily changes including, but not limited to, limb removal and sterilization.” White also says that some people transition for the wrong reasons.

Look, whatever your position on trans people, White is absolutely right here. Transitioning shouldn’t be an easy or simple process. Grievous bodily harm can occur, and that’s not to mention that suicide rates and substance abuse rates among people who have transitioned are not lower than pre-transition people dealing with gender dysphoria.

But trans activists aren’t really about helping the trans community. They’re about reshaping society and redefining what is means to be human to try to force the rest of the world to validate them in their desired self-image.

It’s a losing proposition for everyone involved because if you need everyone else’s approval, you’ll always be disappointed.

It’s also delusional and cruel for trans activists to insist that people can’t (or shouldn’t) detransition. If trans activists really believed that people’s gender is internally felt and should be validated, then they would be okay with people reverting back to their biological sex as their gender because those detransitioning people feel like their gender now matches their biological sex.

The fact that trans activists aren’t okay with this says that they aren’t being honest with anyone.

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