You Won’t Believe The RIDICULOUS Thing Biden Said About The Infrastructure Deal!

Joe Biden has a long history of saying stupid things. When he hasn’t been busy sniffing little girls’ hair, he’s shown evidence of serious foot-in-mouth disease since way before being Vice President under Obama, and the foolishness continues with his Presidency.

Today’s example of verbal nonsense from Biden is nothing more than political theater. Biden is pretending to want bipartisanship in passing legislation, but in the four months of his Presidency, he’s already been the most one-sided, hard left President of my lifetime (and I’m not that young anymore).

But Biden likes to pretend that he wants to work with Republicans on an infrastructure deal. Don’t believe the lie. Janita Kan writes,

President Joe Biden intends to “change course” if the current approach of bipartisan talks with Republicans toward achieving an infrastructure package stalls, White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond said on May 23.

The Biden administration is endeavoring to convince Republicans to accept their scope of what an infrastructure package should include, while proposing a $1.7 trillion measure—scaled down from the original $2.3 trillion proposal—in an effort to counter the Republican offer of a $568 billion package.

Republicans are calling for infrastructure spending, but have repeatedly voiced concerns that Biden’s package contains provisions that are extraneous and have little to do with infrastructure. They are also apprehensive about rolling back Trump-era tax cuts, a key feature of Biden’s plan. To pay for the infrastructure plan, the White House is proposing to raise the corporate tax rate to 28 percent from the current 21 percent.

Richmond suggested that Biden may withdraw his commitment to a bipartisan measure if the parties’ disagreement leads to inevitable stalling.

“He wants a deal. He wants it soon, but if there’s meaningful negotiations taking place in a bipartisan manner, he’s willing to let that play out,” Richmond said during an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union. “But again, he will not let inaction be the answer. And when he gets to the point where it looks like that is inevitable, you’ll see him change course.”

The first part of this that we need to call B.S. on is the idea that the Democrat bill is really about infrastructure. It’s not. It’s about pork barrel spending to reward Democrat allies with government money, and very little is actually earmarked to go toward infrastructure. In other words, this bill takes money from you and me and puts it in Democrat’s pockets. (To be fair, the Republican proposal is only slightly better, and both Republican and Democrat proposals have lots of waste included in the bills).

If either major party actually wants government spending on infrastructure, then they need to actually put forth a bill for infrastructure and not this pile of garbage legislation.

The second part that we need to call B.S. on is the idea that Biden cares at all about being bipartisan. He doesn’t. This is political theater so that the leftist mainstream media can pretend that any kind of resistance to giving Biden a blank check in Congress is simply Republicans being difficult. It’s all nonsense, and pretending that Biden’s administration is about anything but being a leftist dictatorship is absolutely ridiculous.


The American people deserve better than the clowns running D.C. now.

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