You Won’t Believe What ICE Just ADMITTED

One of the scariest things to most people about the Biden/Harris administration is their stance on immigration. Specifically, it’s the administration’s stance that they’ll let in nearly anyone, regardless of background or criminal record, it seems, so long as that person seems likely to vote Democrat or help boost the number of House seats in Democrat areas when a census is taken.

Basically, it’s both the danger that illegal, unchecked immigration may pose to people and, also, the blatant attempt to make elections lopsided for Democrats, even illegally, that has people concerned.

And, based on what one Federal agency just admitted, we should be concerned. Charlotte Cuthbertson writes,

As thousands of illegal immigrants are released into the United States every week, the agency responsible for enforcement is unable to keep tabs on most of them.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tae Johnson admitted to Congress that “there’s certainly some gaps in our ability to track” illegal immigrants being released.

Cuthbertson continues:

In some border sectors, particularly the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, the Border Patrol facilities have been so overwhelmed that many individuals weren’t released with the common Notice to Appear document that states a date and time to appear in court. Rather, they received a Notice to Report, which is an honor system that requires the person to check in at their closest ICE facility within 60 days.

“For individuals that are just released with a notification to report to ICE or to show up in court, then our ability to track those folks quite closely is much more limited,” Johnson said during a congressional hearing on May 13.

About 20,400 individuals have been released with a Notice to Report, and Johnson said ICE has no way to track those people or where they plan to reside, as the agency’s system doesn’t link to the information Border Patrol collects at the initial intake facility.

To give you an idea, that’s about 30% of those who are released who fall through the cracks and aren’t tracked. How many of those people are dangerous? The answer is that we don’t know.

What we do know is that the Biden/Harris administration has set up a dangerous situation on the southern border of the U.S., and, right now, we have no way of knowing how much crime is coming our way due to this administration’s incompetence.

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