NEW Vote Fraud Allegations In This Battleground State

Allegations of vote fraud are nothing new. Those allegations have been going on for years.

What is new in the eyes of many people, though, is how blatant vote fraud seems have been in the past year. From voting machine “irregularities” to allegations of flagrant ballot box “stuffing” to changing mail-in vote rules to make is easy to scam, the last year has been a boon to those who want to steal elections. And an enormous number of alleged incidents of vote fraud have favored Democrats.

Imagine that.

But set aside the November 2020 and January 2021 elections. There is a new election (May 2021) in which a number of ballots simply wouldn’t scan in order to be counted. Guess what is interesting about the ballots that wouldn’t scan. Yep, they were primarily Republican ballots. Zachary Stieber writes,

A number of ballots couldn’t be scanned during local elections this week in a southwestern county in Pennsylvania, triggering fresh concerns about election integrity.

The ballots, mostly from Republican voters in Fayette County, were missing bar codes that typically help facilitate electronic scanning.

“What we know at this point in time is that a bar code that’s required to allow the paper ballots to be scanned at the polling places was missing,” state Rep. Matthew Dowling, a Republican, told The Epoch Times.

George Rattay, chairman of the Fayette County Democratic Party, was present when the issues began around 7 p.m. on May 18. He said nobody initially knew what the problem was. He and others went to the county Bureau of Elections and found out it was a bar code issue.

“The majority of them were Republican ballots,” he told The Epoch Times.

A bureau spokeswoman declined to comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

A hand recount was taking place on May 20.

So, another vote has issues that, strangely, primarily effect Republicans? That’s not suspicious, at all, is it?

In the eyes of many Americans, it’s abundantly clear that wholesale vote theft is taking place, and if there is to be any faith in future elections, the whole voting process needs to be made secure.

Because, right now, it’s not.

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