Has This Liberal City Finally LOST Its Mind?

Leftist city governments pride themselves on being the most “progressive,” the most “forward thinking,” the most “liberal.” The reality in those cities, though, is that they are nearly always the most miserable with the highest unemployment, the highest crime rates, and the lowest level of ethics in government.

And the more socialistic that a city government gets, the worse the situation gets. The more government money (meaning money taken from you and me) that gets poured into those cities, the more dependent people get, the more despondent they get, and the more that overall quality of life there gets worse.

You’d think that, after so much history showing this to literally always be the case, they’d get the clue.

Which means that Los Angeles may be about to become the worst city in America. Drew Van Voorhis writes,

The city of Los Angeles could become the largest city in the nation to test a universal basic income program.

The pilot program, proposed as part of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2021–22 fiscal year budget proposal, would provide $1,000 monthly to 2,000 low-income families for one year.

The guaranteed basic income program would cost taxpayers $24 million and was set to be reviewed as part of the budget during a May 20 council meeting. After the budget and finance committee presents the financial blueprint to the city council, it will have until June 1 to adopt a budget.

Garcetti said the program is an effort to end poverty in Los Angeles.

“We’re betting that one small but steady investment for Angeleno households will pay large dividends for health and stability across our city and light a fire across our nation,” Garcetti wrote in a tweet about the program on April 19.

This move, like typical leftist actions, shows a complete lack of understanding of basic human nature. If the City of Los Angeles really wanted to help households, they would reduce regulations that make it insanely expensive to start and run a business there, and they would make the place safer. Then, people could start businesses, earn an income to take care of their families, and live with growing self-respect.

But that would stop people from being dependent on leftist government, so liberals don’t want that, do they?

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