The “Most Provable” Election Fraud Has Been Found in Wisconsin
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The election audit results happening in Maricopa County, Arizona has spawned additional audits in other swing states like Georgia and now Wisconsin.

Today on the War Room Podcast, Steve Bannon and Boris Epshteyn – former Special Assistant to President Trump – went over the latest developments on what’s now happening in Wisconsin.

Here is an excerpt where Bannon points out, the evidence found in Wisconsin is the “most provable” type of fraud.

Here is what was said:

Bannon: “I’m here in Wisconsin. There are rumors in Wisconsin that things are moving in Wisconsin. We’re about to get to the bottom of that. What say you?”

Epshteyn: “Wisconsin is one state. If you look at the audit that was done in just Milwaukee and Dane County, in a state that was decided by just 20,000 votes, just Milwaukee and Dane County, there’s over 200,000 unlawful ballots counted. Those were 75/80 percent Biden to 20 percent Trump counties. And it was indefinitely confined. It was ballots that people didn’t have a good reason to do mail-in balloting or early balloting, so on and so forth. Wisconsin is a state – when it gets to do an audit – remember that was also where the Green Bay official left town.”

Bannon: “It’s the most easily provable – that’s why on the impeachment, we had argued about how bad the position is. You start with six hour on an impeachment trial and the opening day with Wisconsin…”

WATCH the Full Exchange:

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