Liberal Media SHAMELESSLY Targets DeSantis
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These people are animals.

Recently on MSNBC, host Joy Reid targeted Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and claimed that he was similar to segregationist Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) for his new anti-rioting law.

According to Breitbart, Reid said, “Republican state legislatures across the country are responding to the demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder with punitive new measures intended to discourage protests altogether. In the 2021 legislative session, lawmakers in 34 states have introduced more than 80 anti-protest bills. The vast majority of them drafted by Republicans. So far, four Republican governors have signed the measures into law, including in the state of Florida. If it wasn’t already clear that this is a direct response to the Black Lives Matter protests, governor Ron DeSantis actually cited the Derek Chauvin trial when he enacted what he is calling an anti-rioting law.”

Later on Reid stated, “Ron DeSantis appears to really want to reenact the entire George Wallace history. I guess he wants to be the modern-day George Wallace because he is enacting a slew of laws that essentially try to make it illegal to protest in the state of Florida, illegal to touch their precious Confederate statues from the losing side of the Civil War, right?”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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