Democrat Mayor Leaves His City At RISK
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He’s making things worse.

Mayor Eric Garcetti recently announced a new plan to replace police with therapists. He called the plan “Therapeutic Unarmed Response for Neighborhoods” and said:

It’s a time to recognize wrongs and to set them right.

By giving up some power and admitting some errors, we can foster genuine safety from street to school to park to home.

When situations don’t need guns, let’s not send guns.

So this justice budget funds a new approach we’re calling TURN: Therapeutic Unarmed Response for Neighborhoods.

That includes a nation-leading partnership with L.A. County starting next month to send clinicians instead of cops to respond to non-violent mental health emergencies through 911, 24- 7. The goal: real results for Angelenos suffering from mental health challenges that too often go untreated.

He also wanted to use community mediators in order to deal with the gang violence occurring in the city.

The Gang Reduction and Youth Development program, or GRYD, is made up of contracted community intervention workers, often who have lived experience of gang life but who have turned their wounds into the power to heal.

They mentor young people.

They heal trauma.

They stop violence before it starts.

Year after year, I have deepened our city’s investments in violence intervention and prevention.

Over the last year especially, I heard the voices of advocates saying that we need more peacemakers on our streets … that we need to empower them … and that we need to pay them more.

So we’re going to ramp up their numbers, expand their footprint, increase their pay, and treat them like the professionals they are.

GRYD’s budget will increase by a third, to $33 million … an expansion that adds a corps of 80 new peace ambassadors planting seeds of reconciliation, calm, and unity.

He’s basically putting his city at risk. Criminals will probably start flocking to Los Angeles because of the lack of police.

Read the full story here.

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