Ted Cruz Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Biden
Image credit: National Review

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Ted Cruz slammed President Joe Biden stating that Democrats are begging him to pack the Supreme Court.

“I think he absolutely wants to do that,” Cruz said.”He’s appointed a commission to study packing the Supreme Court. Just this week, Democrats in both the House and Senate introduced their legislation to pack the Supreme Court, to take it from nine justices to 13 justices. You know, this is not the first time Democrats have tried to do this. FDR, when he was president, tried to pack the Supreme Court to ram through left-wing policies and his own party. The Democratic Party stopped, and they said, well, that’s too much that’s too far, it would undermine the integrity of the judicial system, it would undermine the rule of law, we aren’t going to do it.”

“The difference is now it’s the congressional Democrats who are cheering Joe Biden on to pack the court,” he added. “And if they succeed in packing the court, we would have a radical left-wing Supreme Court that would take away our fundamental rights to free speech, our rights to religious liberty, our rights to the Second Amendment, all of those rights, hang in the balance.” You can watch a clip of Cruz’s remarks here.

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