Democrat SPITS On Incompetent White House
Image Credit: KGNS

He has finally come to his senses.

Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar appeared on Fox News recently and stated that the White House was so incompetent that he was receiving more information about the border from Mexico than the White House.

Cuellar was asked by Sandra Smith, “[Y]ou said you are getting more information on what is happening in these facilities — your picture provided — you’re getting more information from Mexico about what’s happening at our southern border than you are from the White House? Is that still the case?”

He replied, “It’s still the case. And remember, very straightforward, I’m a Democrat, the administration’s Democrat, and basically, I mean, that’s the truth. I mean, I got contacts in Mexico and in Central America. I know what messages are being heard over there and there [are] two messages…that are being heard over there. So, yes, it’s messaging and getting information from my friends in Mexico.”

Read the full article and watch a clip here.

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