Top Democrat BETRAYS Biden
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This one has to hurt.

According to The Daily Wire, New Mexico Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham slammed President Joe Biden stating his energy agenda is hurting her state.

“Now, with all that said, I’m clearly concerned that right out of the gate, with very little guidance, we have an announcement to stall, right, a moratorium on lease applications, and the reality is a lot of oil and gas, right, in the Permian, is on private land in Texas,” she said. “So, wherever you are, wherever you are in the country or on the chamber, however you feel about that, you can simply just move and that just hurts New Mexico, and there are no environmental standards there.”

“You know, we’ve got partners who are really helping us curb emissions,” she said. “We have the strongest methane rules right now in the country and one of the most robust investments and transitions into renewable energy in the country. I mean, we’re doing all the things that they aspire to do at the federal level, including the clean fuel standards, which you all are supporting.”

“So here’s what we’ve done: We initiated both conversations and a pretty strongly-worded letter that this doesn’t make any sense, and the last issue is it’s an economic problem for the state, but rather, it’s also a message to states to not do anything and wait for you to do it, and you’re not going to get as far as fast,” she continued. “If you’re looking for innovation [in] environmental policy, you’re going to stall that.” You can read the full article here.

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