CNN Makes SHOCKING Remark Against Tucker Carlson
Image credit: Vanity Fair

You won’t believe what they said.

According to Breitbart News, CNN anchor Brianna Keilar attacked Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson stating that his show is “partisan junk food.”

Keilar said, “Fox, facing a ratings slump after its de facto executive producer lost the presidential election, is leaning more heavily into its buffet of cultural war cuisine. I know it’s about as predictable as singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun really badly on karaoke night, and it’s predictably hypocritical to boot.”

In a video from his Fox News show, Carlson said, “M families are the core of this country. They are the hope for the future, our only hope. Yet both parties have shamelessly abandoned them. Republicans tend to be their champion. You know now that they are not. Instead of improving the lives of the voters, the party feeds them partisan junk food designed to make them feel full even as they waste away. It is lunacy. We fall for it every time. And given this show has participated in it, we apologize deeply.”

Keilar said, “To the extent, his show has participated in it? That’s all that his show is, and his apology for any role in serving up partisan junk food was followed up with more partisan junk food.” You can read the full article here.

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