Ilhan Omar Gives New Name To Republicans
Image Credit: USA Today

She has lost it…

During an airing of MSNBC’s “All In,” Ilhan Omar stated that she believes the Republican Party is now filled with “conspiracy theorists” and everyone in the party are “cowards.”

Omar said, “Sadly, this is the Republican playbook. We saw it with Donald Trump. Any time they are faced with consequences for their actions to undermine our democracy, they blame Muslims, they blame immigrants, they blame Black people, they blame women. I just happen to embody all of these identities. I want to make sure that we are clear on this. This is not about me, and it should not be about me. This is about a member of the Republican caucus who has repeatedly incited violence, and Republicans can’t just wave a magic wand and attack the Black congresswoman.”

She added, “The Republicans truly have lost their way. Their party is destroyed. Their base now is conspiracy theorists. It’s cowards, it’s opportunists, it’s grifters, and sadly they’re becoming the Looney Tunes. These are people we can’t take serious. They’re not here to do the people’s business. They are here to just be obstructionists and make a mockery of not just our government but our country.”

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