Republican Completely EXPOSES Democrat Scheme
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Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Rick Scott slammed President Joe Biden stating that that his new coronavirus plan is “payback.”

“[L]et’s remember this is all being led by Bernie Sanders who’s now the Democrat head of the budget committee, all right? This is all Bernie Sanders’ idea of where we should go. Republicans believe in targeted relief. Now, let’s remember — just about a month ago … we committed over almost a trillion dollars, and in the last 12 months, we’ve spent or committed $4.5 trillion. We have no idea how much of that money has not been spent. So let’s helped people who have lost their jobs, let’s help our small businesses get open, let’s make sure we get this vaccine out. But this radical left agenda that is, you know, not worrying about the fact that we have $27 trillion worth of debt and we’re not living even close to within our means. I mean, this makes no sense. This is just payback to the liberal left.”

He added, “We need to work together to get something done. We need to help the people who have lost their jobs. We need to help our small businesses. We need to get our schools open. We need to get the vaccine out. Now, we’ve already given $100 billion to our schools. In Florida, our schools are open. The CDC says schools can open now, so this idea that we have to spend, you know, billions and billions and billions more, this is just a payback to the teachers union.” You can watch a clip of Scott’s remarks here.

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