“The View” Host Says The UNTHINKABLE On Air
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She has lost all her marbles.

According to Breitbart News, Joy Behar attacked Republicans on ABC’s “The View” stating that Senators who didn’t vote to convict former President Donald Trump will have blood on their hands.

Behar said, “These people who are not going to vote for a conviction will be remembered. We will remember them. Because if they let him go without any kind of accountability, Trump, this will happen again. It will happen again. And we will remember those names of the senators and the House people who decided not to convict this guy because the blood is on their hands then.”

She added, “It’s so interesting, yesterday I was watching them deliver the impeachment papers, they were delivering the papers to the scene of the crime, to the scene of the crime. And those people who were receiving those papers, these people, they were all at risk that day, and they know it, even the ones who are going to vote to acquit this guy. They know they were at risk. I mean, I don’t know how much more damage they could have done before these people in the Senate, these Republicans in the Senate realize what has happened and they are required to do by the Constitution.” You can watch a clip of Behar’s remarks here.

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