Governor Cuomo Gets The BAD News
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This one has to hurt.

According to Breitbart News, HBO host host Bill Maher slammed New York Governor Bill Maher stating that he did the wrong thing” with nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Good Luck America” host Peter Hamby said, “I think one of the dumbest things of COVID is…a lot of people on the left think that just because Democrats are doing something or saying something, it’s automatically correct, and if Republicans do it, it’s automatically stupid. Mayor Garcetti here in Los Angeles, Gov. Newsom, like, why is the Gov. of New York, Andrew Cuomo, a saint of COVID?”

Maher responded, “Right. And he put people back in the nursing homes. He did the wrong thing. The idiot in Florida did it better with the nursing homes.”

Hamby added, “And he let his political disagreements with the mayor of New York City get in the way of swift and good decisionmaking, and he’s just held up as a paragon of good governance just because he’s a Democrat.” You can watch a clip of Maher’s remarks here.

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