Biden Displays New Oval Office Decoration
Image Credit: NBC News

Why would he put this up?

Biden has removed the bust of Winston Churchill and installed a bust of Cesar Chavez in it’s place, however, Chavez’s great-niece is questioning Biden’s action.

A report from San Jose Mercury News states:

Chavez is among several American leaders Biden has chosen to display in the Oval Office, including a bust of Martin Luther King, a massive portrait of Franklin Roosevelt, a painting of Benjamin Franklin and others.

Garcia said she’d like to meet the president and ask him why he chose to honor Chavez. Though she didn’t get a chance to know him, Garcia met Chavez as a child. She said she remembers the positive energy her great-uncle gave off, and the legacy he left with his family has also left a lasting imprint in her life.

On his first day in office, Joe Biden took several far-reaching steps to undo his predecessor’s landmark executive orders restricting immigration to the U.S. In his first day, Biden signed executive orders halting construction of the border wall with Mexico, lifted a ravel ban on people from several Muslim-majority countries and reversed plans to exclude undocumented people from the 2020 census.

Biden has also promised to work to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act, a program started in 2012 shielding hundreds of thousands of people who came to the US as kids from being deported.

Biden did quite poorly with the Hispanic voters in the recent election, so this might be a way for him to “appease” them in order for them to get on his side.

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