Prominent Republican BAD MOUTHS Trump On Air
Image credit: Newsweek

He’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, Republican strategist Karl Rove attacked President Donald Trump stating that he’s done “too little, too late.”

Rove said, “Too little, too late. He said that he’d exhausted every appeal to overturn the election after weeks of pedaling a bunch of nonsense theories, including on Saturday, when he told the secretary of state of Georgia that 50,000 Georgians had shown up at the polls and been turned away because someone had already voted for them. That’s one out of every 20 voters that appeared on election day. He said we need to have tempers cooled the day after he gave an hour and 20-minute long speech inciting tens of thousands of people to march to the Capitol and show strength. Don’t show weakness, he said. He talked about reconciliation a day after he threatened his own vice president unless he did an unconstitutional act.”

He added, “He said we’re going to have a smooth transition now 13 days before the next president takes office and nearly two months after the election. And he finally decried violence, 27 hours after people broke into our Capitol, broke through police lines, broke through barricades, and attempted to take control of the House and Senate chambers. Yesterday, all he could do is muster a tweet video in which he called them special people and said, I ‘love you.’ No, Martha, too little, too late. This will be a stain on Donald Trump, despite all of the good things he may have done as president, this is going to be the stain that remains.” You can watch a clip of Rove’s remarks here.

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