Top Republican Sends SHOCKWAVES Through The Left
Image credit: Reason Magazine

They have no idea what just hit them.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Rand Paul slammed Democrats stating that the stimulus bill “was a bunch of socialist spending.”

“The problem is if we were to get more money to Americans, we would add it on top,” Paul advised. “If it were either-or, it would be a little bit different situation ou from experience in Washington these jokers never replace spending. I’ve asked for it all along. Like, I’ve asked look if you want to build infrastructure in our country, quit spending $50 billion a year on infrastructure in Afghanistan, but I never get them to bite. They’ll add it on, but they’ll never do the responsible thing and exchange wasteful spending for useful spending.”

He later added, “[T]hat bill yesterday was a bunch of socialist spending, and if you voted for it you’re no better than the Democrats. And so, that’s the problem we have. People need to get involved in primaries and elect better people, but the people in Washington are bankrupting us — both parties.” You can watch a clip of Paul’s remarks here.

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