Top Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Democrats
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This one has to hurt.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Marsha Blackburn slammed the Georgia Democrats stating that the senate candidates are “absolutely the most radical candidates that have ever been Senate nominees.”

“Look at Chuck Schumer’s remarks,” Blackburn began. “He didn’t say we’re going to go win Georgia, we’re going to fight for every vote. He said, ‘First we take Georgia.’ How disrespectful of Georgia voters. ‘First, we take Georgia then we change America.’ And that socialist agenda should scare people. I mean, he’s talking about defunding the police, statehood for D.C., packing the court, taking away your health insurance, implementing the Green New Deal, repealing the Trump tax cuts, and they say that is their first 100-day agenda if they’re in charge of everything.”

“And the good people of Georgia — they’re just not for that,” she continued. “They don’t want to give up their guns, they don’t want to give up their free speech, they are not for this socialist path, and these two candidates in Georgia are absolutely the most radical candidates that have ever been Senate nominees. You’ve got Ossoff who is a trust fund socialist, you’ve got Reverend Warnock, Pastor Warnock who is a mentee of Jeremiah Wright. He has called our police officers thugs and he buys right into that socialist left-leaning defund the police, give up our security and safety, give control to government agenda.” You can read the full article here.

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