Ted Cruz Completely SILENCES Democrats
Image credit: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

He’s not messing around.

According to The Daily Wire, Senator Ted Cruz slammed Democrats for their conspiracy theories on Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Cruz stated, “How about free speech? Well, we’ve heard quite a bit about free speech. The senator from Rhode Island just gave a long presentation, complete with lots of charts. I’ll say a couple of things on free speech. First of all, our Democratic colleagues, when they address the issue of so-called ‘dark money’ in campaign finance contributions, are often deeply, deeply hypocritical and don’t address the actual facts that exist.”

“Here are some facts: of the top twenty organizations spending money for political speech in the year 2016, fourteen of them gave virtually all their money to Democrats and another three split their money evenly, so only three of the top 20 gave money to Republicans,” Cruz fired. “What did that mean in practice? That meant the top 20 super-PAC donors contributed $422 million dollars to Democrats and $189 million to Republicans. Those who give these impassioned speeches against ‘dark money’ don’t mention that their side is funded by ‘dark money’ with a massive differential. The senator from Rhode Island talked about ‘big corporate powers’ without acknowledging that the contributions from the Fortune 500 in this presidential election overwhelmingly favor Joe Biden and the Democrats. Without acknowledging that the contributions from Wall Street in this election overwhelmingly favor Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

“It’s an awful lot of rhetoric about power,” Cruz continued. “But it gets even more interesting when you look at Supreme Court nominations. We just heard an attack on the Federalist Society, a group that I’ve been a member of for over 25 years — I joined as a law student. It’s a group that brings conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists together to have robust discussions about the constitution and about the law. What’s interesting is nowhere in the senator of Rhode Island’s remarks was any reference to a company called Arabella Advisors, which is a for-profit entity that manages non-profits, including the 1630 Fund and the New Venture Fund.” You can read the full article here.

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