Biden Left SPEECHLESS After Pence Exposes Him
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Things aren’t looking too hot for Biden

During a rally, Vice President Mike Pence stated that after Biden’s overseeing of the swine flu, which infected 60 million Americans, America cannot let Biden oversee the coronavirus as well.

Pence made sure to push the fact that 60.8 million Americans were infected in the first year of the outbreak. 273,000 people were hospitalized and only 12,469 died.

Biden’s former chief of staff, Ron Klain, had stated that luckily the swine flu was not as deadly as the coronavirus because an even larger amount of people would have died.

Pence said, “The H1N1 hits, and another thing you don’t see talked about… they didn’t shut down the border from Mexico.”

“So there’s no surprise Joe Biden opposed us shutting down travel from China. So H1N1 hits in spring 2009, their first year in office, and I’ll just quote Ron Klain , his chief of staff, who said, ‘we did every possible thing wrong.’ He said it was only a fortuity that the swine flu was not a mass casualty event. He said it was luck. Ron Klain said it was luck. It’s true, because they did a terrible job. I actually read once they actually stopped testing in the summer, so when it came roaring back in the fall, they had nothing. Now, thankfully, it wasn’t as deadly as the coronavirus. If It was as deadly as the coronavirus, we would have lost two million Americans. As it was, we lost some nearly 14,000 Americans, which was 70 percent of the global fatalities. You hear that sometimes about the percentage of global fatalities that were in the United States. That was 70 percent of global fatalities, during swine flu, which were in the United States.”

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