Top Republican EXPOSES Joe Biden
Image credit: Vox

He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Ben Sasse slammed 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden stating it is “grotesque” that he is deflecting questions over whether he would move to add seats to the Supreme Court.

Sasse said, “It’s grotesque that Vice President Biden won’t answer that really basic question. And it isn’t just one branch of government. What they’re really talking about — or refusing to talk about — is the suicide bombing of two branches of government.”

He added, “What they’re talking about is blowing up the deliberative structure of the United States Senate by abolishing the filibuster and making it possible to turn the Senate into just another House of Representatives where every two years, by a 51-49 or 49-51 majority, major portions of American life change. And they’re talking about doing that to pack the Supreme Court.” You can watch a clip of Sasse’s remarks here.

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