Trump EXPOSES Fox News Host’s True Intentions
Image Credit: New York Post

He needs to be fired immediately.

The first presidential debate occurred recently and after the whole event, President Trump chastised the moderator Chris Wallace for doing his best in order to protect Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump was at a campaign rally when he stated, “Can you believe this guy? I was debating two people last night.”

Trump talked about how Biden was struggling to answer questions and said, “Then Chris Wallace says, ‘Okay. Let’s go to the next question. He’s in trouble; let me protect him for Fox.'”

He then states his continued disapproval of Fox News saying, “I’m so disappointed in Fox. I’m not just running against Joe Biden, I’m running against the corrupt far-left media socialists and communists in the Democrat party.”

Read the rest of the article and watch a clip here.

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