Joe Biden STUNNED After Being Asked THIS Question
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What was he thinking?

According to The Daily Wire, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden left supporters speechless after he stated “We want China to grow.”

“Look what he’s done with China. It’s a disgrace,” Biden claimed about President Donald Trump’s policy. “What he’s done, he’s allowed the corporate America to be able to make money by continuing to export American jobs. It’s not made in America. Make it in another pl—for example, those, those, those, those carry bags that the military is using, they are supposed to be made—they are being deployed, made in America. They are made in China. They are made in China. He doesn’t do anything about any of that.”

“Do you think in retrospect that you were naive about China?” CNN host Jake Tapper asked.

“No, here’s the thing. In the context of that, we want China to grow,” Biden said. “We don’t want a war with China. I said to Xi Jinping when I was, I, you may remember the president wanted me to spend time with him as vice president, he was going to be president, and he couldn’t do it, so I traveled around the world with him. He asked, he said, ‘Why do you keep saying you’re a pacific power?’ I said because we are. We are a pacific power and if we weren’t, you would not [have] been able to have any stability at all.” You can read the full article here.

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