Fox Host Discloses Private CNN Audio
Image Credit: Business Insider

This is going to severely damage them.

Tucker Carlson recently released leaked audio recordings between the CNN host Chris Cuomo and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. The recordings reveal that CNN is no stranger to “staging” interviews.

During his show, Carlson said:

If you’ve heard the tapes, you know that Cuomo and Zucker are not at all what they seem to be. In public, both of them are sanctimonious moralizers. They’ve given lectures about propriety and racism and white privilege, but in private let’s just say, they are definitely not that way.

Zucker and Cuomo in other words are frauds, just like the channel they work for. Despite its name, CNN is not a cable news network. It is a slickly produced propaganda loop.

Every topic CNN covers has been chosen for its political effect. Every word its anchor speak has been curated to manipulate you. Nothing winds up on CNN by accident. The whole thing is a scripted drama written for the benefit of the Democratic Party. That’s not overstatement.

Carlson then let watchers listen to the recordings while commentating.

Carlson stated, “Well, at CNN, that is literally what you are seeing — scripted conversation. What you just heard there was the writers’ meeting before the show.”

Things might be looking bad for CNN now. Read and watch a clip here.

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