Furious Republican EXPOSES Joe Biden
Image credit: Washington Examiner

Biden has no idea what just hit him.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Scott DesJarlais slammed 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden stating he has surrendered to the “socialist agenda.”

“[A]gain, looking for excuses, trying to make excuses for why they lose other than what their own messaging problems are,” he said. “We’ve just lived through four days of the Democratic convention. And all I think I’ve really learned in four days and multiple speakers was that they all hate Trump, and that tends to be their platform — and they’re going to raise taxes. Other than that, there’s not a single mention about the violence and rioting in Portland, Seattle, and all the violence across the country that they seem to condone. That’s a problem. Just like everything else, it wasn’t mentioned. I think Biden has pretty much surrendered to the socialist agenda.”

“Going forward, I think we’ll see people make a comparison between the Biden-Harris ticket and the Trump-Pence, and see who is best suited to revive the economy, which Trump had done prior to the pandemic. And frankly, the stock market and the S&P 500 hit a record this week,” DesJarlais added. “The economy looks pretty fine despite the people that are still out of work because of the COVID suppression. I think we can continue to reopen the country. The economy will surge back, and that’s because Trump built it. The Democrats want to go in and immediately raise taxes, which we know is going to crush business. It will chase manufacturing off.” You can read the full article here.

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