Top Republican SILENCES Democrats
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He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Democrats stating that if 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the presidency then “we’d still be debating whether the planes from China should come to America.”

McCarthy said, “You know, they have no message, so all they do is mislead. And when you watched tonight, they beg people to vote, but they don’t inspire somebody to vote with an agenda about tomorrow being better than today. When I watched, Kamala Harris said we’ll solve COVID. If Joe Biden was president today, we’d still be debating whether the planes from China should come to America. Because we know Hunter Biden would probably be getting quite a bit of money from that.”

He added that Republicans “can talk about opening schools back up. We can talk about restoring our way of life, meaning that we will defeat COVID, and you know how we’ll defeat it? Because we’ll have the therapeutics coming out even next month, hopefully. We’ll have vaccines like we’ve never seen before with this Operation Warp Speed that people will talk about.” You can watch a clip of McCarthy’s remarks here.

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