CNN Host Suffers Mental BREAKDOWN On Air
Image credit: NBC News

He lost all his marbles.

According to Breitbart News, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo attacked President Donald Trump for his recent claim that children are “almost immune” to coronavirus.

Cuomo said, “I know for a fact he knows not to say what he’s saying to you right there. And with our kids. Children have died from this virus. Do they usually? No. Do they die the way adults do? No, but that’s not the point. They are not immune. They get sick and infected. They generally have lighter or no symptoms, but after age 10, the best research we have at this point tells us they are just as likely to spread coronavirus as anyone else. And he knows it. I know he was told that. It is the best reckoning by his own task force.”

He continued, “Why would he lie to you about it? Why would he put you in the position to expose your kid that way? How can we deal with a president who lies so much? Facebook removed one of his videos from his personal page because of what he said on state TV this morning, making these same BS claims that kids are almost immune. It violates their harmful COVID misinformation policy. What our president is putting out about children is so violative of their decency standard they pulled it. Just think about that. Trump’s campaign account also posted the video on Twitter. Twitter made them delete it before they could tweet again.”

He added, “They can’t even live up to the social media standards. How is he able to live up to the standard that we demand right now? He violated their standards. He’s violating us, especially our kids.” You can watch a clip of Cuomo’s remarks here.

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