Fox News Host THROWS Trump Under The Bus
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You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Fox News Channel anchor Chris Wallace attacked President Donald Trump stating that his administration does not have a handle on the coronavirus.

Wallace said, “We are just talking about the Republican plan here. The plan between the White House and the Senate Republican majority. They were supposed to have that Wednesday. Then they were supposed to have it Thursday. Now Mitch McConnell is talking about Monday. Meanwhile, the House Democrats passed their plan, a $3 trillion plan back in May, and they’re saying, why the delay?”

He continued, “If the Republicans are not even going to have their plan until the last week of this month, then they’ve got to negotiate with the Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democrats are saying, what took you so long?”

He added, “One of the big issues is, and we saw it on the Fox News polls that show Joe Biden with a big lead in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan — and one of the questions people were asked was who do you trust more to handle the coronavirus, and Biden leads by double-digits in all three of those states on that specific issue, and when the White House and Republicans can’t get their act together — and they’ve had as I say, over two months since the Democrats passed their bill to come up with their version of the relief package and get this done — it only hurts them.” You can watch a clip of Wallace’s remarks here.

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