Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Democrats’ Election Scheme
Image credit: PR Watch

They have nowhere to hide now.

According to Breitbart News, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson slammed Democrats stating that “Democrats understand that the unhappier Americans become, the more likely they are to win.”

After playing a clip of some Democrats statements Carlson said, “Say what you will about the people you just saw — they are not moderates. This is not the Democratic Party you remember — dopey liberals with flaccid ideas that you probably had contempt for but in the end, could live with.”

He added, “No, these are radicals. They despise the country they seek to govern. They claim to remake it completely. These people want power with an intensity that you, as a normal, well-adjusted person cannot even begin to understand. They will do anything for control. So the question is, what are they doing to win? Well, they are working the right track-wrong track numbers. Democrats understand that the unhappier Americans become, the more likely they are to win. Unhappy people want change.”

He continued, “It’s not complicated. So every ominous headline about the state of the country makes it more likely that Donald Trump will lose his job. The more the people suffer, the greater Joe Biden’s advantage. Democrats have a strong incentive, therefore, to inflict as much pain as they can, and that’s what they are doing.” You can read the full article here.

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