Crooked Hillary Clinton Goes BERSERK Over Trump
Image credit: MarketWatch

She’s going to regret this one.

According to Breitbart News, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attacked President Donald Trump stating that she is “concerned” about President Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities.

Clinton said, “I think anybody who has watched him over the last four years has to be concerned and particularly watched his total absence of leadership with respect to the pandemic. If you were really looking for somebody to try to help our country get through this terrible virus that has cost jobs and lives and disrupted our society and economy, clearly he has failed. He’s failed at the most fundamental job of being a president. And so yes, I am concerned.”

She added, “I’m concerned because he does not seem up to the job, he doesn’t seem capable of having the attention, the concentration, the focus, the discipline to stay with a problem like the pandemic poses. He seems to be, unfortunately, impulsive on what he said and does, which confuses a lot of people, governors, mayors, others who are trying to figure out how to save lives and save jobs. I think every American who has seen him over the the last four years — particularly over the last months with respect to the pandemic — should be concerned about him.” You can watch a clip of Clinton’s remarks here.

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