Republican RIPS Joe Biden A New One
Image credit: NBC News

He didn’t see this one coming.

According to Breitbart News, White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley slammed 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden stating that he is “not safe” to the United States.

We are seeing numbers on the ground actually spread for us,” Gidley said. “They’re getting bigger for this president because of all of his record-setting successes. Listen, you just pointed out right there — new information’s coming in that Republicans are energized. More people registering to vote as Republican than as a Democrat and it’s obvious as to why: because the standard-bearer for the Democrat Party is someone stays in a basement most of the time, and when he does come out and sees the light of day, all he says is we should defund police — oh, by the way, I am going to adopt all the radical socialist policies of so many on the left in my party that will cause us to lose jobs, cause an economic collapse.”

“And you don’t have to guess what a Joe Biden economy would look like,” he continued. “We have already seen it for eight years: depressed wages, jobs leaving this country going to other nations. That’s just the way they like to do things. They don’t fight for American jobs. It’s almost as though they fight for the rights of other countries before they do the American people. This president created jobs like no one thought possible. He’s rebuilt this economy once. We saw an unforeseen, unprecedented crisis in this pandemic, but he is going to rebuild it again.”

He later added, “[Y]ou know as well as I do it’s a much different path than that of Joe Biden. We want safety and security for the American people. and, quite frankly, your jobs aren’t safe, your families aren’t safe, and your American way of life is not safe with Joe Biden in the White House.” You can watch a clip of Gidley’s remarks here.

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