Crazy Democrat Totally SCREWS Trump Over
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He just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Chris Murphy attacked President Donald Trump stating his response to the coronavirus will be his political undoing.

Murphy said, “You know, the president seems to think that if he doesn’t talk about coronavirus, then it will go away, and people will stop caring about it and, you know, that’s proof of his ignorance and proof of the bubble that exists around this White House. Coronavirus dominates everyone’s life in this country on a daily basis for the millions of Americans out of work, they can think of nothing except for coronavirus. For those of us that are parents getting ready to send our kids back to school one or two days a week, we’re talking every hour about coronavirus. The president can’t wish this away. He can’t decide to start tweeting about statutes being vandalized, and everyone is going to forget about this. And the steps he is taking to frankly undermine the kind of steps we took in Connecticut to get ahead of coronavirus like social distancing, like building a non-partisan apolitical mask-wearing culture is just going to make it even more guaranteed that efforts for the president to try to distract Americans are not going to work because as these cases mount, Dr. Fauci saying maybe 100,000 a day by the middle of summer, there would be no way for any government leader to avoid what will be a crisis over the summer that may make what we went through in the spring look like child’s play.”

He continued, “We really could be as a nation on the other side of this, but because he deliberately undermines the evidence-based practices to get coronavirus under control, he’s guaranteeing the crisis will be here throughout the presidency.”

He added, “We have a game plan that we have shown people in the northeast can be effective here and, you know, ultimately, this will be the president’s political undoing because Americans are not going to be distracted from the issue that dominates their lives so long as the infection rate is so high.” You can watch a clip of Murphy’s remarks here.

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