Sarah Sanders RIPS Republican Traitor A New One
Image credit: The Daily Beast

She’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders slammed John Bolton stating he’s “a disgrace to the country.”

“Look, right now, I think he’s a disgrace to the country,” Sanders said of Bolton. “I think that what he’s doing right now is absolutely appalling and I write about in my book — speaking for myself — John Bolton was your classic case of someone who was completely drunk on power who thought he was the president. He was constantly pushing his own agenda, which was all he cared about. The big problem for John Bolton is that’s not how it works. He forgot that no one elected him to anything and that it was President Trump and President Trump’s agenda that mattered in the White House.”

Sanders was asked about Bolton’s claim that Trump is not worthy of his position as president.

She replied, “If anybody is unworthy of a position, it is somebody who takes an opportunity given to them like John Bolton does and runs out the second he gets released from that job and starts to change his tune. He was either lying when he was in the room where it happened, or he’s lying now. And I think John Bolton has zero credibility since for 17 months he went out and championed President Trump and his agenda saying all of the things he was doing right, how he had been tough on a variety of countries. … I don’t think he has any credibility at this point.” You can watch a clip of Sander’s remarks here.

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