Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Protestors
Image credit: Newsweek

It was about time they were put in their place.

According to The Daily Wire, Rep. Trey Gowdy slammed protestors attempting to defund the police.

Scott said that the idea to “defund the police” was a “ridiculous idea.”

“It is not an idea whose time has come,” Scott continued. “It should never come. The absolute nation requires law and order. We need order in our streets, and the easiest way to have that is to have a strong presence of character-driven law enforcement officers.”

Later during the program Gowdy said, “Defunding the police is the single dumbest idea I have ever heard.”

“Who is going to process crime scenes, arrest bad people?” Gowdy continued. “Who is going to enforce any law, child sex abuse, homicide? Who is going to do it, if it’s not the police?”

You can read the full article here.

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